Startup Writing

May 28, 2009

In the first time I decided to write in the some blog I have, I never though at the last I do have ‎job with connected with writing every idea on everytime I have.‎ So… you right if you think was not easy to write what you want to do, before I have think like ‎you do, but I try and try, more and more with super computer I have and we called “BRAIN”.Every people have super computer in they head, so you can used for everything specially for ‎writing.‎

The beginning I start to writing, I think how long I would be writing, how many paragraph I ‎wanted. That is make a difficulty to my self. Some teacher suggest to me, how start to writing ‎and right now I suggest to you if you want to starting to write some idea or story.‎

First, write as sequential of time, for example, I weak up in the morning, I eat bread for a ‎breakfast, I am going to school or work after that and etc. At step by step of time, we can know ‎what Idea of the story to write.‎

Second, every step you have, you can write every detail you want to, so it is like every moment ‎you have to do, for example: “Hey, I am weak up at 6.00 am in this morning, it is to late for me because I must going ‎ to school at 6.30. I must quick to clean my bed and go to a bathroom to wash up my body. ‎ But in this day, was not lucky for me because…”‎ Every detail in your story can catch up as you like, because every time start to writing, it can ‎make you have experience to tell any think.‎

Third, you can rotate the time step from back to front loop of your story, for example,‎ ‎“ Hay guys, I am sorry I am late today because I woke up in morning at the 6.00. I ‎ studied last night until 2.00 am. I want pass in this exam today.”‎ So… right now you can start to write your story with this step I have. Every time you think was ‎easy to write, it make it ease to you to start it.‎ And Let’s to WRITE…

Djati Sampoerna

A Freedom of Life

May 9, 2009

On the article “The Deep Dig”, we learn about how deep are you have a dream and how deep can you want to reach your dream. We hope right now, you have a Freedom of your Dream, finally you have a freedom for reach your dream. You can reach as soon as possible. The and of your dream is a real think about everything you get from a dream you have. The Dream comes true for you. Not the only your dream, maybe some dream of your family, how people loves you.

A people as you, Must be have a big dream about Freedom of your life. What do you want to reach first? A freedom of your children study?. A freedom to go to any place you want, in domestic area or foreign area? A freedom of your social life? A freedom to give your time for your family, or your children or your couple.

The point is anda mungkin ingin memiliki sebuah financial freedom for you family. So we give you the other challenge for your life right now. You just see some Testimonial from the success family, because they used the other challenge what their friend gives to them. We are looking from the internet how people can get a Financial Freedom on their live.

So, we give you some suggest, of the others challenge at this Website,, or from Movie or from Ticket to find your freedom of your life and please read patiently and we thinks, you have a good decision for it.

This is the only others challenge for you.

A Freedom of Life

Dream Management

April 25, 2009

under the gate We guarantee if you all have some dream as i am, and how to get it as soon as possible you can do.

The first key is never give up!!!

Why? Because if you create anything, you don’t know see what the thing is until you finish your work.

By the example, if you cooking of some juice, you don’t know what a juice like, what a taste that juice like… so you must be finished what you start and you can to know what to do next for improving your cooking skill.

Yaaa… you can give up for it, and some body calls you “…. edited”, but we give you a reason, why are you don’ ever give up… may you have a baby, or you ever a baby isn’t it… yah like a baby born, the baby can stand after he born, but step by step, the baby try to reach something until he can rolling of his body, and he try to take a body up and etc, until he can stand alone and try to walking.

Every people not go higher as like you right now, but by step forward from the child going higher than before. We suggested to you don’t ever give up before you know, what are you created and to know what to do next.

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